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About us

Treehouse Toys is a local business that quickly grew in the Alberta area and has successfully opened 5 stores. We opened our first store in 2018 at the Premium Outlet Mall in Edmonton, and with great success, we were able to open three more stores in the Edmonton area; West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Mall and Londonderry Mall. We recently expanded our business to the Calgary area and are hoping to expand further within Canada.


Treehouse Toys has a large selection of products for all ages such as 3D Wooden Puzzles, DIY Houses, K-POP, Stationery, Plushies, Anime Action Figures and more.Our #1 most popular item is our “DIY” 3D Wooden Puzzles, which means Do it yourself! Love to challenge yourself? Try our DIY houses! These can take up to 30 hours to complete!


Some Items are also operated by spring, no batteries needed! Just wind them up and they will start to move or even start to play a melody. With endless selection of plushies you’re without a doubt able to find the one you need. We also carry many Anime Action Figure collections such as; Rem, Hatsune Miku, One Piece and so much more. In need of new unique stationery items? We’ve got it all covered! Imported from Korea, find all the cutest stationery characters you’ll ever see.